BCM215 – Final DA and Report

  • Ideate

I decided to analyse the game media of Mario kart because that is the video game I am most familiar with from playing as a kid. My chosen platform is Tiktok, a short video application for it’s popularity, convenience and the current amount of time I spend on the application. The intention was to post weekly a Vlog or screen recording of my experience playing courses of Mario kart with potential voice overs.

  • Method/utility

Mario Kart has been described as a ‘Phenonium’ now since created in 1992. In recent years trends have formed such as real life Mario kart in japan, dress up costumes and gaming streams which allow a niche audience to interact. Several studies have discussed the effects on adults suggesting a distraction from everyday lives with satisfying activities. Mario kart is positive and a place to bond relationships or create memories. The franchise is very accessible targeting all skills and ages with benefit to customise courses and characters that players enjoy being interactive like a digital version of people. (Drivetribe, 2018) This article states nostalgia is a huge part of the likeability, a simple premise but it is the progression that is so fascinating, consistently expanding new insights. It has a rewarding sensation that can create habit for users. Video games have made various impacts; groups coming together, social concepts and opportunities from observating positive experiences.

Para text include characters, colour, sounds and features in models such as Mario kart tour. A ‘zone between text and off text’ is stated by reading a para text is a interconnected part of gaming culture, which shapes expectations then behaviours. What does this communication express? Players experience a sense of belonging when playing as a team, as it’s a competitive race young people joke and create media trends that are relatable on a global scale.

  • Feedback

Due to bad time management and being busy with other commitments I was unable to produce consistently which affected my interaction. Feedback included the game being enjoyable content and a majoty of people have or watch Tiktok but suggested to expand to different platforms, this did not happen. There is a lot of concepts to look into this topic and Tiktok does fit the fast and simple brief of DA but little content was produced unfortunately. Overall it was a challenge but somewhat a good experience that I have learned from.



Vice, Stephen Buranyi, its official; Mario kart can make you feel awesome’, 2014 https://www.vice.com/en/article/wnjz3z/its-official-mario-kart-scientifically-makes-you-feel-awesome

Why is mario kart the best casual racing game, sean cleaver, 2018 https://drivetribe.com/p/why-is-mario-kart-the-best-casual-AZqbWvN1R1-VBVUIk39RZQ?iid=DFB4xNs8To216B7dUOjlUA

Video games are transforming how we communicate with each other and they could fix a range of other global issues too, Susanna pollack, 2019 https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/12/video-games-culture-impact-on-society/

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